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The A.B. Biller Mahogany Special Speargun series is built for stealth and precision. High-quality and beautiful mahogany absorbs 80% of the firing sound - almost as silent as a bow and arrow. It's like a silencer for your speargun! Precision-engineered stainless steel trigger mechanism for easy, one-handed lock-unlock operation guarantees reliability, smooth action, and accuracy. AB Biller Mahogany Special spearguns give you the upper hand for creeping around the reef, loosing at prey before they know you're there, unnoticed after a shot. Multiple catches, more dinner! Double barbed swivel tip ensures your gear won't become damaged by large fish, since it rotates freely from the spear shaft. Spear shafts The spear shafts constructed with a special marine-durable alloy originally developed for the U.S. Navy.

Each A.B. Biller Mahogany Special speargun includes:


  • Shaft
  • double-barbed spinner spear tip
  • Two 9/16" spearbands with stainless steel wishbones
  • Shock cord
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